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Got the feeling there’s something up with your roof? Maybe there are moist patches appearing on your ceiling, or a couple of shingles appear a bit wobbly.

The truth is, the full extent of roof damage isn’t always obvious to the naked eye. Structural problems, minor leaks, mold, and flashing deterioration often go unnoticed until they become chronic issues or full-blown emergencies.

That’s why you need to be regular with roof inspections – get one as soon as you notice something amiss. With a process honed over 13 years in business, Apex’s experts use a technology-first approach to identifying weaknesses in your roof well before they’re visible. And the best part? With Apex, roofing inspections are totally free.

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Don’t Wait For Things To Get Worse

Ignoring even the tiniest of roof repair needs can lead to dire consequences. Have a leak? This can ruin your walls, trigger mold, and even put your home at risk of a fire if it compromises your electrical systems. Broken shingles, structural damage and other weaknesses expose your property to the elements – making it defenseless against harsh weather and hurricanes.

As one of the top roofing companies in the country, we work on 2500+ commercial and residential roofs every year. We’ve seen that a lot of roof repairs and steep roof replacement costs could have been avoided if their owners had been more proactive with having routine inspections and roof maintenance work.

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